Chicken on blue background

blue chicken

This one is small – 6″ by 6″, on paper (I’m mounting it on a wood panel).  Starting the first Friday in May, I’ll have a show up at Waldo’s here in Gettysburg. Many of the things I have posted here will be on the walls.

Another dragonfly


One of these days, I’ll get better at taking photos of my artwork.   This is another dragonfly on canvas (18×24). Slightly different approach than the other one — more layered, and the wings are a little bit translucent.


A small acrylic on paper (10″ x 10″, mounted on a wood panel). I’m sort of into these bugs lately.  Probably time for a cricket.  Or maybe switch over to small household appliances.




Small oil painting (I think maybe 12 by 16, so perhaps that’s more like medium-small). The flash on my phone camera washes out the center of any painting I photograph, but I never bother to improve the lighting in my studio or use a better camera.


Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″.  It’s hanging on the wall in J’s office, and this was just a quick phone pic so the colors aren’t as vibrant as they are in real life. But you get the point.  This is a big dragonfly.

Dragonfly on abstract patches of color


I’ve got a big canvas ready to paint on.  It used to be a painting of a fish eating a fish, but I gessoed over that so I could reuse it (since the whole thing had been sitting lonely in a closet for many years).  But since I can’t really just paint over an oil painting if I don’t like it (apparently, it’s bad news to try to do that, plus in 500 years people would be all “oh my gosh, secret meanings behind this amazing enigmatic painting, looks like the artist painted over some really ugly crap!), I am trying to figure out what I want to do before I just start throwing paint around.

Now that I have a big easel, these little paintings look funny.

After the primaries, it all got muddled